Farmingdale, NY | Welcome to Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates

Here at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates, we are passionate about having your dentistry be in a comfortable environment with friends and family.


Angela Ferrari: Welcome to the office of doctors, Kahn Ferrari and Aldieri. This is where we change lives. We are passionate about having your dentistry be comfortable in a warm and caring environment with friends. We offer family, cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Maggie: Hi, my name is Maggie and I'm a patient care coordinator here at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental. And when you call in, you'll be speaking with me and I look forward to hearing from you.

Orly: I've been coming to this office for about 20 years. I feel strongly that this is the best office for my family. I've brought my husband in here. I've brought my kids in here.

Angela Ferrari: We have state of the art technology. One thing that we're extremely proud to have and one of the few dental offices on Long Island is something called CEREC technology. It's the ability to bring a patient, a crown or a porcelain restoration, which would be a porcelain filling, in one visit. We offer here digital radiography, which means your actuaries are not like the traditional films that you may have had. Our passion here at KFA is to change people's lives. So many patients come in having their smiles or are feeling insecure and leave shining, so confident, so happy, and just able to take on the world.

Angela Ferrari: If you're missing teeth or if you have loose or ill-fitting dentures, you don't have to suffer with that anymore. Dental implants are a state-of-the-art technology and a way to correct that problems that you have teeth that stay permanently in your mouth. You don't have to take your dentures out and they're done easily, comfortably, and permanently. So we are a combined dental office. Doctors, Kahn and Dr. Aldieri are my partners, and together we have a line amount of 50 years of experience. We've been in Farmingdale for over 36 years. We're located in Farmingdale. Our address is 375 Fulton Street in Farmingdale. Our number is (516) 249-1188. Please visit us at our website, which is We welcome you, we'd love to have you, and we want to be your partner in health and beauty.