Farmingdale, NY | Dr. Angela Ferrari and Margie: LILTA Association | KFA Dental Excellence

KFA Dental, Dr. Ferrari, ran into Margie, one of our patients. Margie is also one of the main coordinators of the Long Island Latino Teachers Association.


Dr. Ferrari: Hi. I'm here with Margie Dickmann, one of our patients, and one of the main coordinators of this event. It's amazing and fun, so thanks for having us.

Margie Dickmann: Oh, you're welcome. I'm so happy that you guys made it again this year to this fabulous event.

Dr. Ferrari: I love talking to the students. It's been fun.

Margie Dickmann: It's wonderful that you support us and that you show love for this group.

Dr. Ferrari: Thanks, Margie.

Margie Dickmann: LILTA is a very important part of everybody's life, absolutely.

Dr. Ferrari: I agree. Thank you.