Farmingdale, NY | Dr. Angela Ferrari and Margie: LILTA Association | Ferrari & Aldieri Dental

Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates, Dr. Ferrari, ran into Margie, one of our patients. Margie is also one of the main coordinators of the Long Island Latino Teachers Association.


Dr. Ferrari: Hi. I'm here with Margie Dickmann, one of our patients, and one of the main coordinators of this event. It's amazing and fun, so thanks for having us.

Margie Dickmann: Oh, you're welcome. I'm so happy that you guys made it again this year to this fabulous event.

Dr. Ferrari: I love talking to the students. It's been fun.

Margie Dickmann: It's wonderful that you support us and that you show love for this group.

Dr. Ferrari: Thanks, Margie.

Margie Dickmann: LILTA is a very important part of everybody's life, absolutely.

Dr. Ferrari: I agree. Thank you.