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What is Scaling and Root Planing?

If you've developed signs of periodontal (gum) disease, a normal cleaning might not be enough. Gingivitis, the earliest sign of gum disease, can typically be corrected with scaling and root planing (SRP). This is a nonsurgical procedure performed by one of our dentists to help eliminate gingivitis by removing built-up tartar and plaque from below your gumline. An SRP treatment at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates cleans out the pockets in your gums and then smoothes the surface of your teeth to avoid future buildup. If you're worried about your gums, schedule an appointment at our Farmingdale, NY office today.

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What are the benefits?

Scaling and root planing treatments at our Farmingdale, NY office can help to resolve gingivitis and prevent more severe problems from happening. Additional benefits of this procedure at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates include:

  • Addressing and treating gum disease
  • Cleans the gums and prevents tooth loss
  • Contributes to your overall dental health
  • Protects against needing more invasive treatment

Should I Get Scaling and Root Planing?

At your annual dental exam, we will check the depth of your gum pockets. If they are greater than three millimeters, a scaling and root planing treatment could be recommended. SRP can help reduce the size of the gum pockets so plaque and bacteria cannot accumulate in this area, helping you to avoid the first phase of periodontal disease (gingivitis). Some of the early signs of periodontal disease are chronic bad breath, loose teeth, and gums that are tender, swollen, bleed easily, look red, or have begun to recede. When we discover periodontal disease early, we can usually eliminate symptoms in just one or a few scaling and root planing treatments. However, when gum disease has reached later stages (regular or advanced periodontitis), then you would likely require more extensive therapies.

What Happens When I Get Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning of your gums that is performed in our office using local anesthesia on the areas of your mouth being treated. If you have anxiety or fear the dentist, we offer sedation options. Our dentists will use a scaling tool to clean the tartar and plaque out of your gum pockets. After that, we will smooth the surface of your enamel, reducing the number of areas where plaque and tartar tend to get trapped in hopes of avoiding future problems. Someone from our team will work with you on a home routine to keep up the health of your gums between visits.

Is There Recovery from Scaling and Root Planing?

Following your SRP therapy, it's likely you might have greater gum and tooth sensitivity. You might also experience some tingling from the local anesthesia. If necessary, we can write you a prescription for antibiotics that will help remove any remaining bacteria from your gums. A good oral hygiene routine at home, including daily flossing and brushing, is absolutely vital to keeping your gums and teeth healthy and clean after SRP. We will continue to monitor your gums at your annual dental exams and biannual cleanings. Depending on the initial state of your mouth and your home care after SRP therapy, you might need more SRP treatments to fully restore your mouth. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Scaling and Root Planing FAQs

Do scaling and root planing hurt?

You might feel some pressure during the procedure and/or have a slight sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures after scaling and root planing. However, modern techniques used by our dentists make this procedure much more comfortable than in the past. We also offer sedation options for those who experience anxiety when seated in the dental chair.

How many scaling and root planing treatments do I need?

This depends on the initial condition of your mouth and your at-home oral care routine following SRP treatment. Most patients require only one or two sessions, but if you have advanced periodontal disease, more may be necessary. Our dentists can provide you with a more personalized estimate after examining your teeth and gums.

How do I care for my teeth after the scaling and root planing?

To keep your mouth healthy following scaling and root planing, it's important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine including daily flossing and brushing. You should also make sure to continue attending regular dental checkups and biannual cleanings. If you experience any unusual symptoms, contact our office right away so we can examine your mouth.

Scaling and Root Planing

Gingivitis can become dangerous, painful, and quickly turn worse so if you're having signs, please schedule an exam with one of our dentists at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates. The earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is typically corrected with scaling and root planing. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to get more details.

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