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What is an Intraoral Camera?

An intraoral camera helps Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates provide a thorough and comprehensive dental examination. By using one of these small, pen-like tools, our highly skilled dentists may have a better, high-resolution view of your gums and teeth. An intraoral camera is able to capture various angles of your teeth and gums and can even take a live video that can be shown on a screen. In addition, it can provide a more precise diagnosis and help you to fully understand your problem. The intraoral camera system may also be used during a treatment to provide our team a greater visual of your mouth. During your initial consultation, we can demonstrate the advantages of intraoral cameras to attain a more accurate dental examination and treatments.

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How Will I Benefit from an Intraoral Camera?

While a small device, using an intraoral camera to view the gums and teeth can be extremely beneficial for you and your dentist. It can help you understand your dental issues by showing you a clearer image, or in some cases a video, of the problem you are experiencing in your mouth. This handy instrument helps your dentist to provide a more precise diagnosis and makes it easier to decide on your treatment. This device is just one of the cutting-edge technologies Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates is using to provide Farmingdale, NY patients a superior dental experience.

How Will the Intraoral Camera Be Used?

With a size and shape similar to a pencil, an intraoral camera is a flexible instrument that will transmit live video and images from inside your mouth to a digital monitor. Your dentist will slip the camera over your gums and teeth while watching the images on the screen. We will likely capture images that will be used in a more intensive evaluation of your mouth. By allowing you and our team members to view the pictures on a monitor, a more informed decision and treatment plan can be created together. This can ultimately allow you to have a better understanding of your oral health and better communication with the friendly staff at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates.

Is There Follow-Up with the Intraoral Camera?

If a problem is detected using the intraoral camera, a member of our dental team will talk with you about the proper treatment choices available to take care of the issue discovered. After a plan is confirmed, you may need to schedule a follow-up appointment(s) at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates to start your treatment. Usually, intraoral cameras are beneficial in catching an issue early so your treatment may take less time and be less invasive. The camera can also be utilized during your treatment to make it even more successful.

Intraoral Camera FAQ

Is the intraoral camera uncomfortable or painful?

No, not at all. Because of its small, slender size (about the same as a pencil), the intraoral camera can easily maneuver in your mouth without any discomfort or pain. Many patients find an intraoral scan more comfortable than having traditional dental impressions made.

How long does an intraoral camera scan take?

Having your teeth scanned by our intraoral camera is quick and can be finished in minutes.

Is a scan of my teeth with an intraoral camera better than traditional dental impressions?

An intraoral scan has many benefits over traditional dental impressions, like:

  • More comfortable
  • Less likely to cause a gag reflex
  • 3-D imaging is extremely accurate
  • Assists better diagnoses
  • Quick, finished in minutes
  • Scans are saved on our computer system for future use

Intraoral Camera

Using an intraoral camera throughout your dental examination or procedure allows us to more precisely review your mouth and work with more accuracy. At Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates, we are proud to offer this equipment to better treat you and your family. To find more information about the state-of-the-art technologies we use, contact our Farmingdale, NY office to schedule a consultation.

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