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Dental Care for the Whole Family

Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates offers dental treatments to people young and old, including babies, children, teens, adults, pregnant women, and older adults. Drs. Kahn, Ferrari, and Aldieri provide a range of general, preventive, restorative, and cosmetic procedures for all of our Farmingdale, NY patients. At annual dental exams, our team of highly skilled dentists will evaluate your teeth, jaw, and gums to look for any issues, go over treatment options, and suggest ways to prevent future problems from occurring. We recommend that patients receive a biannual dental cleaning and an annual dental exam to maintain the overall health of the mouth. Contact our Farmingdale, NY office to make an appointment for yourself and your family today.

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Who Can Visit Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates?

The ADA (American Dental Association) suggests that babies should go to the dentist before their first birthday. Children may develop cavities and tooth decay as early as two years old so it's important for them to receive the necessary treatment and preventive options. After that, you and your family should make regular appointments at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates. Everyone, at any age, should visit Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates if they have any pain, discomfort, or problems in their mouth. With routine visits for the whole family, we can catch and diagnose any issues as early as possible to combat any problems later in life.

How Does Family Dental Work?

Regular dental appointments consist of an annual dental examination, as well as biannual professional teeth cleanings. More treatments may be recommended if necessary. Prior to any procedure, one of our dentists will consult with you on the options and methods best for your child or you to address issues, like cavities, misaligned teeth, and more. We can also recommend preventive procedures, such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants for children while their mouth develops. A regular dental routine for every member of the family is important to keep up oral and overall health of the entire family.

Continuing Your Family Dental Routine

At the end of each of your appointments, one of our dentists will help you create an individual care plan to maintain your family's oral health. A key element is following a proper home oral hygiene routine, which means regular brushing and flossing. A member of the Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates team will demonstrate proper cleaning techniques and can recommend products for each family member. Regular visits to Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates will also help our team watch your family's dental health and diagnose minor issues before they develop into larger issues.

Family Dental Care

At any age or stage of life, it is important to take care of your smile and be proactive against oral diseases. We try to make visits to the dentist a pleasant experience at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates so your family can have beautiful, healthy smiles as you make memories. To learn more about our treatments or to make a consultation with Drs. Kahn, Ferrari, or Aldieri, contact our Farmingdale, NY office for more information.

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