Farmingdale, NY | Photoshoot Day: Dr. Ferrari and John Gaudioso | Ferrari & Aldieri Dental

Dr. Angela Ferrari of Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates in Farmingdale, NY, speaks with John at KFA Dentals annual photoshoot in January 2012.


Speaker 1: Hi. I'm talking with John Gaudioso. He's one of my most favorite patients. He's a gem.

John Gaudioso: This is a great dentist right here.

Speaker 1: Oh, thanks, John. Thank you for joining us today. Thanks for coming out on a Sunday.

John Gaudioso: It's my pleasure cause I really enjoy my experience in the office. The office is great. You guys run a phenomenal business, but more so than anything, if you remember the first time I met you, I said, "I never want to have to feel pain." I've never felt pain. Every time I've been here I've never felt pain.

Speaker 1: Success. Success. That's great. Well, thank you again. We love you, and we're going to speak to Juliana, your wife, in a few minutes. Thanks so much.

John Gaudioso: Thanks for asking. It's really nice to endorse this practice. It's great.