Farmingdale, NY | Photoshoot Day: Dana DiDonato and Dr. Ferrari |Ferrari & Aldieri Dental

Maggie Jones of Kahn, Ferrari & Aldieri Dental in Farmingdale, NY speaks with Dana at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates's annual photoshoot in January 2012!


Speaker 1: I'm here with Dana.

Dana: Hi. I was just eating. That's what we like to do.

Speaker 1: Thank you so much for coming today.

Dana: Thank you so much for having us. We had fun. Joelle, my daughter is two. Surprisingly, she was pretty good.

Speaker 1: She was terrific.

Dana: It was just fun.

Speaker 1: You get the camera in front of them and all of a sudden their personalities come out, right?

Dana: We love a photoshoot. Thanks for asking us to be a part of it, our family. We're honored. Thank you.

Speaker 1: Thanks so much. We love you.

Dana: We love KFA dental. This is our home, our dental, so thanks for having us.

Speaker 1: Of course.