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We know that when you're looking for the best dental care in Farmingdale, NY, you're likely to ask your neighbors and friends for their recommendation. That's why at KFA Dental Excellence, we value and encourage the feedback of our patients. It's through this feedback that we know how we can continue to build our family-friendly office, better serve our patients, and grow with our community. We encourage you to review the below feedback and make an appointment with Dr. Kahn, Dr. Ferrari, and Dr. Aldieri today to learn more about what makes KFA Dental Excellence special.

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Review from R.  |  Source: Google  |  Jul 17, 2020

It’s not very often that I find myself so thoroughly impressed by a particular product, service, individual, or professional that I am compelled to craft a review. However, in this case, I am, and it’s not the platinum level of service from a staff that executes each of their roles with the instinct of a seasoned military unit and the precision of a Swiss watch which I found myself receiving. Nor was it the flawless care which I had received, utilizing state of the art equipment and bleeding-edge technology. It was the level of humanity that was provided by Dr. Kahn and his staff that led me to pen this review. I am a disabled US Military Veteran and after years of improper dental care in the military, I was denied dental care by the VA, which resulted in a futile struggle over several years. Things had degraded to a point where I wasn’t even able to eat, not to mention my overall self-esteem. Ultimately, my condition had degraded to such a point where I now required tens of thousands of dollars in dental work. My wife and I then went to an evaluation at Dr. Scharf’s office. It was at Dr. Scharf’s office where I fully understood the cost of what I required, which was to have my remaining teeth pulled and implants put in. The total for everything rapidly approached six figures, something that just compounded the issue. However, then Dr. Scharf reached out to Dr. Kahn with an Idea that would change my life forever. Dr. Kahn and Dr. Scharf volunteered to donate all of their time and services to me free of charge. Then just like that, I was reduced to tears all but collapsing into his arms. What do you say to someone who possesses that level of humanity? Someone who has a patient with a bill that is easily more than $90,000 and says, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of it”. This man spent dozens of hours not only performing the dental work but also working the logistics of the entire process, including dealing with multiple laboratories in different states and time zones. We are talking about a different kind of human being here with these two doctors and their staff. Their gracious gift has driven me to live a more fulfilling life. TLDR: If you won $500 million and were able to afford concierge dental care Robin Leech Style this is what it would look like and they have a heart of gold. *Note - I had posted this review three years ago but it did not successfully publish. More

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