What Are the Signs of an Infected Dental Implant?

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A dental implant can make a world of difference for your smile. An implant can help restore your smile by replacing any missing teeth. You can also use an implant to replace a crown that isn’t working well or if you want to replace hard-to-manage dentures with something new. You can request the help of our dental team at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates in Farmingdale, NY for help in receiving a dental implant.

But you must also maintain your implant well after the procedure. Our dentists recommend treating your implant as you would any other natural tooth in your mouth. You must also be observant of how well your implant feels after the procedure. You could be at risk of infection if your body doesn’t respond well to the implant or you struggle to care for the implant well enough.

You can correct your problem sooner if you understand the signs of an infected dental implant. Here are a few things to note surrounding how your implant might work, with many of these being noticeable in the days after receiving your implant.

Redness and swelling

You may notice redness and swelling in the implant area. The sensation can be painful and may spread to the outside part of the mouth. These problems could also be accompanied by a fever.

Redness and swelling are natural effects of receiving an implant, but those issues will subside after a few days. But any instance where a fever accompanies these signs could suggest an infection.

Some pus may also start leaking from the implant site. This occurs because red and white blood cells rush to the implant site to destroy pathogens that trigger an infection. The pus will appear lighter in tone than blood. Any leakage that keeps going after the first few days after receiving your implant could be one of the signs of a dental infection. You could also have an infection if any leakage becomes worse after a while.

Constant pain in the implant area

Another sign of infections our team at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates in Farmingdale, NY has noticed in patients involves pains in the implant area. Every patient will experience some sort of pain after the procedure, but prescription medication can ease the problem. But any situation after the initial recovery where you have persistent pain in the implant site could suggest an infection. Any cases where your pain spreads to where you struggle to speak or eat could also be from an infection.

An unusual taste in your mouth

You may also experience an unusual taste in your mouth if you have an infection. The irritation and bleeding can be bad enough, but the added bacteria inside the infection site could be a threat. You could also experience bad breath in the area if you have an infection.

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Dental implants are safer and typically will not produce an infection if they are installed well. But you must also look at how well you maintain your implants to reduce the risk of harm. You can contact us at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates for help with your implant management. Our team can review your dental care needs and find a suitable plan that works for you. Visit us online to schedule an appointment to find out more about dental implants in Farmingdale, NY.

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