Do Porcelain Veneers Last Forever?

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Do you have cracks, chips, gaps, stains, or other imperfections in your smile that make you feel self-conscious? At Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates, our team offers patients porcelain veneers. During a consultation in Farmingdale, NY, we can evaluate your teeth and gums to determine if this procedure will benefit your oral health. During your visit, we can answer questions, like “How do veneers work and how long do veneers last?” Our cosmetic dentists offer smile makeovers that help improve how a smile looks and functions. Ultimately, veneers can transform a smile.

Who is a candidate for veneers?

The most ideal candidates for veneers are patients who want to renew their confidence. A custom set of porcelain veneers covers breaks, corrects chips, removes stains, and resolves gaps. Our team recommends them for patients in Farmingdale, NY with:

  1. Multiple dental issues: Patients who have many dental problems will benefit from these thin porcelain shells that are bonded directly to the surface of the teeth.

  2. Proper tooth alignment: While veneers can fix crooked or unevenly spaced teeth, they aren’t for those with severely misaligned teeth.

  3. Healthy teeth and gums: In order to get veneers at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates, all signs of gum disease or tooth decay must be addressed before treatment.

  4. Doesn’t clench or grind their teeth: Both of these issues can lead to needing your veneers replaced more quickly and won’t be advisable for many patients, especially those without dental insurance.

  5. Adequate amount of tooth enamel: For veneers to fit properly, we must be able to adhere them to your existing enamel adequately. For patients with enamel erosion or abrasion, this can be difficult.

How do we put on veneers?

At our dental office, patients have the option to sit and wait while we create their veneers in the office, or we can send their impressions to a dental lab. When your veneers are ready, we will remove a small amount of enamel from the front of the teeth to allow space for your veneers, and to improve the success of the bonding material. Our cosmetic dentist will then make any necessary adjustments to make sure your veneers fit well.

Are veneers permanent?

Porcelain veneers are not permanent, as they usually do need to be replaced. With proper care, they can last for decades. However, our team has found that some of our patients at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates who have a diligent at-home oral hygiene routine never have to replace them. While veneers aren’t permanent, they are irreversible. This is because we remove some of your natural tooth enamel to ensure there is enough room for your veneers. Once this enamel is removed, it won’t grow back.

Caring for your veneers

When you care for your veneers properly, they last a long time. To clean and protect your veneers best, you must follow an efficient oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth at least twice daily for at least two minutes and floss daily. Rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash helps prevent tooth decay. Scheduling regular dental exams and routine dental cleanings are also important when maintaining your smile, whether with veneers or not.

Learn how veneers can improve a smile

When you are feeling self-conscious about your smile, porcelain veneers can improve your smile almost instantly. Our team at Ferrari & Aldieri Dental Associates in Farmingdale, NY offers smile makeovers to those looking to improve some smile imperfections. We will listen to your smile concerns during a consultation and answer any questions you have about how long your veneers will last. To learn more about veneers and smile makeover procedures, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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