Farmingdale, NY | Photoshoot Day: Intro: with Dr. Ferrari and Dr. Kahn | KFA Dental Excellence

In January 2012, KFA Dental in Farmingdale, NY, had their annual photoshoot with the staff, and clients. Follow Dr. Angela Ferrari as she introduces you to the lifestyle at KFA Dental!


Dr. Angela Ferrari: Hi, welcome to KFA's annual photography session. Today we're actually having a photography session with our own team. So we're really excited to have you join us and get little insider clips on what goes on behind the scenes at KFA.

Dr. Angela Ferrari: So, right now we're having our hygienist being photographed, and having a hair and makeup artist, and actually here's Dr. Kahn. Hi Dr. Kahn, how you doing? Come on over.

Dr. Kahn: You're doing a video.

Dr. Angela Ferrari: Yeah.

Dr. Kahn: How are you? Good morning.

Dr. Angela Ferrari: So we're really excited to have this for our team and also some of our patients will be joining us later on. So stay tuned. You'll see some more behind the scenes.