Farmingdale, NY | Photoshoot Day: Dr. Ferrari, Julie Gaudioso, and Dr. Kahn | KFA Dental Excellence

Dr. Donald Kahn and Dr. Angela Ferrari of Kahn, Ferrari & Aldieri Dental in Farmingdale, NY speak with Julian at KFA Dental's annual photoshoot in January 2012!


Dr. Khan: Let's start now okay? Okay, you go ahead.

Speaker 2: Hi. I'm here with Julianne Gaudioso, one of our fabulous patients, and Dr. Kahn. So I just wanted to introduce you to one of our friends.

Julianne Gaudioso: Hi. I don't even have words for how ecstatic I am since I found this dental practice. They are phenomenal. Not only are they friendly, and caring, and kind, they're professional, and I'd be lost without this dental practice.

Speaker 2: Oh thank you.

Julianne Gaudioso: You can always say in business.

Speaker 2: Thank you Julianne.

Dr. Khan: Thank you.